Rebate Application Management

Looking to grow your sales and manage costs?  Discover the easy, affordable way to secure and manage government rebates for your customers’ energy efficiency projects. We make the entire process easier — for you, your employees and your customers, by taking care of all the cumbersome logistics, including:

  • Staying apprised of changing program requirements and processes
  • Calculating project energy savings
  • Calculating rebate amounts
  • Maximizing rebate returns
  • Navigating government bureaucracy
  • Completing all necessary documentation

Enabling you to focus on the customer relationship and project implementation.

Program Design and Management

Our team of experienced professionals hit the ground running to deliver your commercial and residential energy efficiency programs seamlessly, providing and exceptional customer experience and achieving your energy management goals. We take care of everything from start to finish – outreach and marketing, customer support, application support, application review, rebate fulfillment and results reporting – allowing you to focus on your core business.

Consulting Services

A shift towards sustainable energy is taking place across the globe and navigating through it can be tricky. Adapting to these changes can mean taking a different approach to the way you do business. We can help you develop effective strategies to adapt to a changing landscape to achieve your sustainability goals.


Affordability Fund Program

Easing the burden of electricity bills for Ontario households with free energy-saving upgrades.

Retrofit Program

Provides business customers with financial incentives to complete energy efficient equipment upgrades resulting in reduced operational costs.

Process and Systems Upgrade Program

Provides organizations with complex systems and processes with financial incentives to identify, implement and validate energy efficiency projects.

New Home Construction Program

Provides financial incentives to home builders and renovators for the installation of energy-efficient measures in the home.

Existing Building Commissioning Program

Provides financial incentives to hire an expert to analyze a building’s chilled water system and implement recommended upgrades.

Heating and Cooling Incentive Program

Provides residential customers with financial incentives to install more efficient heating and cooling equipment.

Small Business Lighting Program

Provides financial incentives to encourage small business owners to upgrade their existing lighting systems by adopting more efficient technologies.

Audit Funding Program

Provides business customers with incentives to complete energy audits assessing the potential for energy savings.

High Performance New Construction Program

Provides incentives for building owners and planners to build to an energy performance level that exceeds the building code.

Energy Monitoring and Targeting Program

Provides financial incentives to help organizations experiment with different operational changes to their processes to save energy.

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