In Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency experts from Ecobility have been conducting in-home energy audits for years, looking for opportunities to help customers lower their energy bills.

Its team of energy auditors spend time with each customer upgrading inefficient lighting to LEDs, installing fridge and freezer thermometers, providing educational tips, and identifying opportunities for larger energy-saving upgrades.

But with social distancing disrupting its ability to provide in-person visits, Ecobility needed to think differently about how it delivered this service and responded quickly by introducing virtual energy audits.

Each virtual energy audit takes approximately one hour to complete and includes a virtual walk-through of the home as well as energy-saving tips.  Afterwards, Ecobility staff send a customized report to customers with a list of free energy-saving upgrades they are eligible for – which may range from programmable thermostats, fridges and freezers to insulation and heat pumps. A date is then scheduled for the delivery and installation of these upgrades, which include enhanced health and safety protocols.

“Customers have been pleased with the ease of the virtual audit and the fact that we’ve found a way to limit a point of interaction during a time of social distancing,” said Candace Major, Ecobility’s Director of Strategy & Corporate Development.

“Although jurisdictions are starting to slowly re-open, Ecobility plans to continue offering virtual audits as an option to customers, as many households may want to continue to limit home visits for the time being,” she said.

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