In Energy Efficiency

Anyone who pays for hydro in Ontario should be aware of the AffordAbility Fund Program, a provincial program designed to help Ontarians improve the energy efficiency of their homes with free energy-saving upgrades.  By enrolling in the program, homeowners and renters can receive free:

  • In-home visits from a professional Home Energy Advisor
  • Home Energy Plans
  • Energy saving upgrades such as ENERGY STAR® light bulbs, freezers, dehumidifiers, stoves, clothes dryers, programmable thermostats, attic and basement insulation and heat pumps.

Ecobility, a well-established and trusted provider of energy efficiency solutions, delivers the program on behalf of 10 utilities across Ontario.

“We enable utilities to focus on their core services while our team of experts deliver the program to utility customers” says Candace Major, Director of Strategy and Corporate Development for Ecobility.

The results to date speak for themselves:

  • Over 6000 AffordAbility Fund Program participants served
  • Over 20,000 energy-saving upgrades installed
  • Over 14 million kilowatts hours saved

Major says its gratifying to see the positive results, noting that the success is based on a lot of factors.

“An energy efficiency program is a great way to help homeowners save energy, reduce their bills and minimize their environmental impact.  But to get customers to participate, the program needs to be easy and provide exceptional customer experiences. That’s where we come in,” she added.

She says its critical that energy efficiency programs are managed and delivered effectively and that requires having an experienced team.

“I think where we excel is in delivering that personal touch whether it’s in rural communities like North Bay or urban cities like Newmarket” she added.

“Ecobility has achieved exemplary results for North Bay Hydro in the delivery of the AffordAbility Fund Program to our residential customers through customer service excellence, resource expertise and strong analytics,” says Matt Payne, President of North Bay Hydro Distribution Limited.

Major says it’s great to get such positive feedback as she knows how important it is to get it right.

“Exceptional customer service is a must.  Just having a good program is not enough, the delivery of the program is what customers will remember and that impacts the reputation of the utility as well as the success of the program,” she added.

Fortunately, Ecobility’s team has years of knowledge and experience delivering energy efficiency programs, helping them to achieve success in communities of all sizes.

“Being agile and results-oriented is key in this business,” she added.

Best of all, this program not only helps educate homeowners and renters about how to conserve energy but for those who participate it really does mean lower bills at the end of the month.

“When customers are seeing their energy costs reduced, everyone wins.”

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