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Utility works with energy efficiency expert Ecobility to help its business customers        

Finding creative ways to save money can be critical for any business, which is why a pilot program launched by Hearst Power to test the energy saving benefits of Intelligent Parking Lot Controllers (IPLC) proved so successful with participating businesses.

Hearst Power turned to Ecobility, a leading provider of energy efficiency solutions, to help design, launch and manage the pilot, which provided free installation and monitoring of IPLC outlets in business parking lots.

Many commercial parking lots in the Hearst region are equipped with power outlets for customers and employees to plug their vehicle engines into during extremely cold temperatures.  With traditional outlets, vehicles draw power continuously when plugged in.  But with IPLC smart outlets, a microprocessor automatically regulates the amount of power delivered to the vehicle based on outdoor air temperature and wind chill, reducing energy use and costs, while still allowing for vehicles to start without trouble.

“Not only did we have full participation within two days of inviting businesses to participate, but the results show that, on average, the IPLC outlets reduced the electricity use of plugged in cars and trucks by 50%,” said Angela Matthews, Director of Operations for Ecobility.

Matthews noted that participating businesses were happy with the energy and cost savings they achieved during the pilot program which ran from February 2019 to November 2019.

“The IPLC pilot project would not have existed if not for the analysis, research and administration completed by the staff at Ecobility,” said Jessy Richard, General Manager of Hearst Power Distribution.

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